Girl Time!

So today was a big change to how are days have been for the last two weeks.  Prior to today, things have been pretty unpleasant with a teething and sick Abree.  Abree has never been a good teether and a couple of weeks ago she started getting one of her last 2-year molars.  Then she finally got the inevitable winter sickness, which was the sickest she has ever been.  Fever, cough, congestion, and conjunctivitis was what our poor girl suffered from on top of irritability and pain from her molar coming in.  Andy and I have felt like we are walking on egg shells.  Every little thing has led to a traumatic emotional break down.  She has had us at our wits end more than once, but thankfully God has helped us through it without breaking down ourselves. 🙂 Finally, we started seeing glimpses of our sweet little Abree again yesterday and even more so today.  I took some pictures of her and I having our normal silly times together that I have greatly missed.  Unfortunately, I think we are in for another couple of rough days as the other molar has begun to show signs of coming through, but I take comfort in knowing that it is her LAST one.  No more teething woes!  I am glad I captured these moments with her today so that I can look at them these next few days when I swear an alien has come and replaced my daughter. 🙂  Sometimes I wonder if these are the thoughts God has about us  and I am reminded of His UNCONDITIONAL love for us.

I also took some pictures of Maelah and her first teething biscuits.  She hasn’t really caught on to spoon-feeding, so I decided to try a biscuit since she has begun getting her teeth as well.  I think the pictures tell all.   She LOVES them!

Oooohh, What is this mama?


Yep, good stuff!



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  1. Danyelle, Thank you for letting me know about your new blog. I will enjoy keeping up with you and your family as you post. I am thankful to hear that Abree is feeling better and I can tell that Maelah has experienced a new joy in life with her biscuits!! Love to you all. M.