Things don’t just happen-they’re planned

So here I sit New Years day evening.  The girls are asleep and I am alone….thinking.  The last few weeks have been a whirl-wind, but what amazes me most is that I couldn’t have planned how everything has gone up till now.   You might be thinking…”yeah, so”.  Well, If you know me, you know that I like things to be precisely planned out  and for everyone to stick to the plans no matter what.  I don’t like deviations from what has been discussed and when things don’t go as planned, I usually have a real hard time adjusting.  I know, not the best character trait.  However,  even though everything has been so up in the air, nothing planned, and plans changed, I sit here perplexed at the fact that I haven’t been bothered by the chaos as I normally would.  Is this growth, I hope so.  However,  I will just  thank my Lord for the recent flexibility He has helped me have and I pray that I continue to grow and exemplify the One who loves me unconditionally.   

So you might be wondering what has been so “up in the air”.  To start with…The wonderful birth of a precious little boy named “Rowan” .  I get the amazing privilege of being there for my (friend, cousin, like-sister)’s labor and delivery.   Throughout the holidays, I never knew when I might get “the call” to go, which has actually been really exciting and I had already settled in my mind and heart that it didn’t matter where I was or what I was doing, the birth of a child would be far more important than anything I might be in the middle of.  As of right now, we are still awaiting his arrival, but I have a feeling it will be soon. 🙂  Second, Andy had a planned trip to Michigan to celebrate a friends 30th birthday party.  Of course, he really wanted me to go with him, BUT wouldn’t you know it….Abree got sick for the first time this winter.  Now, there was a possibility that I would have gone with him and risk missing the birth if it hadn’t been for Abree being sick, but as I write this I wonder if God didn’t have His hand on that as well, because Andy won’t be back from Michigan until tomorrow and baby Rowan is showing interest in coming to meet us  as I write this.    These are just a couple of examples of the uncertainty of plans.

My point in all of this is that so many times we can get thoughts in our mind of how something is supposed to happen or when something is supposed to happen.  These thoughts can get so ingrained into are minds that any deviation from them can leave us quite devastated and discouraged.  Jesus said in Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  We can plan, but ultimately God is the final decider of what will be.  This is something I am meditating on and can hopefully grow in during this next year of 2010.

In closing, let me leave you with a poem that Andy’s sweet Grandma Barker lived by and passed on to us before she went to meet her Lord only months ago.

            Things Don’t Just Happen

                       by Esther L. Fields (before 1944)

Things don’t just happen to us who love God;
They’re planned by His own dear hand.
Then molded and shaped, and timed by His clock.
Things don’t just happen; they’re planned.

We don’t just guess on the issues of life,
We Christians just rest in our Lord.
We are directed by His sovereign will
In the light of His holy word.

We who love Jesus are walking by faith,
Not seeing one step that’s ahead,
Not doubting one moment what our lot might be,
But looking to Jesus instead.

We praise our dear Saviour for loving us so,
For planning each care of our life,
Then giving us faith to trust Him for all,
The blessings as well as the strife.

Things don’t just happen to us who love God,
To us who have taken our stand.
No matter the lot, the course, or the price,
Things don’t just happen; they’re planned.


P.S. Pray for a quick and safe labor and delivery and a happy, healthy mama and baby


Things don’t just happen-they’re planned — 2 Comments

  1. Not a coincidence that I am just reading “The Light and the Glory” when the “pilgrims” are putting every ounce of trust in God to find their own land to be able to worship God. I was just thinking last night when reading how even getting shot at by Indians, not having enough food,half of the people dying in the cold, getting pounded by the open sea, no protection from the Virginia company, not even knowing where to set up their own colony…They still trusted and prayed every day and thanked God for anything that came along. Could we really do that same act today with our “simple” American problems that arise to trust God in all situations and take them as they are? ….You go girl for growing in the Lord and we will pray that this birth is a healthy, beautiful and speedy one. ~ Jamie

  2. Thanks for posting about this Danyelle. I really needed to read that poem today. Have been struggling with this a lot. I need to remember though God has a plan for everything and though I can’t see the big picture right now, it’s all in His hands! 🙂