We are here….in Texas!!

Just a quick update…..It’s been a month since we said goodbye to our life in Rochelle.  I can’t believe how the time has flown and how soooo much can happen in a month.  I have to admit I am pretty drained from all the changes and moves, but I am excited to be getting settled for at least 11 months or so.   Though our original plans were to live with Andy’s parents who are only a few miles down the road, we are now living on campus.  God’s provision has allowed us to move into an apartment right on campus, which has so many benefits and we are enjoying it.  We were so thankful for all his parents did for us during our 2 1/2 weeks with them and we will definitely enjoy and take full advantage of the fact they are so close.  We are also enjoying all the fellowship with fellow language school families and Hispanic Bible school students and their families.

We have had trials and triumphs, but God has remained our rock through it all.  He is truly using all these new experiences and environments to shape and grow our family.  I pray God continues to put us on your hearts as you pray throughout the weeks and months ahead.

One more thing….Andy is doing so well in his classes.  He is catching on so fast and is addicted to the language.  He is not afraid and we have often found ourselves in an hour long visit with people who only speak Spanish.  I am so proud of him!!! The girls and I continue to learn at a slower pace; We definitely could not keep up with him. 😛

Gracias a Dios!!


p.s.- Here are some pictures of RGBI campus and our living spaces.


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  1. the campus looks lovely, danyelle. and your housing already looks homey. all the green grass and trees, the playground–awesome. thanks for the updates, reminding me how i can be praying with you and andy. love to you all.