Prayer Request

I mentioned in our last newsletter that I was looking for part-time work because our savings were exhausted and our monthly support level still isn’t high enough to pay for school and our living expenses. I also announced in a Facebook post about two weeks ago that I had found a great job doing computer work for a local ranch.

After 4 days, everything seemed great. I went home for the weekend full of hope that this job would be steady for a while at least and that I would be able to develop a relationship with the ranch owner in order to share the hope of Christ with her. When I went to work last Monday, though everything had changed.

I walked into the office to a tense environment. The owner, we’ll call her Sue, and her part-time bookkeeper, immediately informed me in a very unfriendly way that they didn’t want to do anything that I had agreed on with Sue earlier. While Sue had been so friendly and open just a couple days before, she was suddenly cold and harsh. I felt attacked and knew that the bookkeeper was trying to protect his territory has Sue’s “computer guy” and didn’t want me there. He acted very suspiciously and even tried to take the work that Sue just asked me to do away from me! There are other things that really upset me too, but I won’t get into them.

I thank God that he helped me hold my tongue and not react like I wanted to. I had been through a much worse situation at a previous job so I know God used it to prepare me for this.

I talked to Sue the next day and even though she was very happy with the work I had done and there was more to do, she said she didn’t need me until after Thanksgiving and that she would call me then.

I don’t care so much about the job; I care about Sue and her need for Christ. She was abandoned by her husband 20 years ago and is still wounded by it. She has sworn that she will never be weak again and she puts all her trust in her wealth. While she claims to believe in God, she does not know the saving, freeing power of Jesus.

This bookkeeper I told you about is up to no good, I believe. I think he has bad motives and is not a good person for Sue to have around.

Would you please pray that I would know what to do and say the next time I see Sue and her bookkeeper? I want to be a light in this dark world that points them to Christ. I would love to share the hope I have with them.

Also, please pray that God will kill my pride so that I can handle situations like this as Jesus would. I don’t want to destroy any opportunity to be a witness, even to those who treat me wrongly and unfairly.


Prayer Request — 8 Comments

  1. Praying for you, my dear son…the Lord will go before you and protect you. He will be their judge and will guide you in His ways. Proud of you!

  2. We’ll be praying for you, Andy! We love you, miss you and will be anxious to hear how the Lord makes even this into something for His glory

  3. Sad for you Andy…sometimes being loving and transparent is too much for some people. They withdraw or shutdown or become abusive. Praying you will find peace and enlightenment.

  4. praising God for your heart in this challenging situation, andy. praying for you, sue, this other man, your family as i go to sleep tonight. thank you for inviting us into this prayer request and letting us join with you. appreciate you and danyelle’s updates!