Green button = course available online
Orange button = course unavailable online
I want all the buttons to be green!

The picture above is a portion of the Academia Cristiana del Aire website that I have been working on. The lone green button is for enrolling in the very first online course, “La Vida de Jesucristo.” I was shocked yesterday to find that 18 students had already registered on Academia Cristiana del Aire online and many of them had already done the first few assignments and were waiting for grades! This discovery sent me into full panic mode since I wasn’t even expecting people to be looking at the website yet!

For years, the Academia website has sat dormant with no content except the audio files from the radio programs. The audio files were in a very hard to use format as well, so I figured no one even went to the website. I was wrong!

The reason I didn’t know about the enrolled students is that I had recently moved the website to a new location and didn’t realize that my notification settings didn’t transfer over. Now that I enabled the notifications yesterday, we have received emails about three more new students.

On top of all that, we also received an email from a pastor in Chile who wants to buy a book but needs to pay in Chilean money, but we have no way of accepting it unless he uses Western Union for a huge fee. He also requested a digital copy of the book, which we do not have available. So, there are obviously some barriers to getting the Bible courses into the hands of those who want them. That is where I want to help.

Students from Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Spain, the United States, and Uruguay are already enrolled and I expect that list to grow in the coming days, weeks, and months. God is obviously at work because we had not advertised anything. Spanish-speaking people around the world are hungry to dig deeper into God’s word for themselves and I am so excited to help them do it!




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