Another Confirmation

God was so good to give me yet another confirmation today that my work with Academia Cristiana del Aire is from Him. I am an administrator for Academia’s Facebook page and saw that a man had left a message for us a few days ago. Here is my best translation from Spanish:

Brothers of the Academy, I am a brother who tried to go to the United States and they caught me illegally entering. I was arrested and put in immigration detention centers for a period of 14 months and during that time I studied with you and would like to continue studying. I request in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to be accepted back to resume my studies. May the Lord bless you for the work that you do to teach the way of truth to those who seek it.

That same man sent this message later:

Grace and blessings, there were several brothers in the congregation that when I made the comment they liked and wanted to enroll in the Academy. I would send the enrollment forms in one envelope with the 3 dollars each ……

Because of the year and a half I spent in Texas learning Spanish, I was able to correspond with this man and help get him the information he needed. Without the amazing generosity of our supporters that got us through language school, I wouldn’t be in this position. THANK YOU to all who have given!

I am so amazed at how God is working in people’s lives through Academia and I want so badly to be able to dedicate my work week to the ministry! Even though it is hard right now to have to look for work outside of Academia in order to pay the bills, I trust that God will provide the support I need in order to do the work that He has given full-time. Until then, I will do what I can with the time and resources I do have.


P.S.  Do you think it’s a coincidence that just over a week after I attended a prison ministries conference to learn how Academia could better serve prisoners and ex-prisoners, we received this message from an ex-prisoner? I don’t!

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