A New Friend

A few weeks ago, Danyelle called me to tell me there was a man who only spoke Spanish at the backyard Bible club that the Evangelical Free Church and InFaith were holding in downtown Mount Morris. She had been talking with him since she was the only one who knew any Spanish, but she thought I would be able to communicate better with him.

I quickly rode my bike to the town square where they were and met Gustavo, a Mexican man who had brought his little niece to the club. I talked with him for about a half hour and found out he was Catholic along with his family who lives back in Mexico. His wife left him for another man years ago, and now he lives with his sister and her daughter outside of town. When I invited him to church, he said he was afraid he would be rejected since he doesn’t speak English, but I assured him that wouldn’t be the case. He said he’d come with his niece the next Sunday, and he did!

He has now come to the church twice and said he will keep coming back. After realizing everyone was friendly and that there was even another girl who speaks Spanish in the church, he seemed pleasantly surprised.

The most exciting thing to me and Danyelle is that Gustavo reached out to us and brought us authentic tamales that he made himself on Tuesday! While his niece played with our girls, we talked with Gustavo and got to know him a little better. He wants to learn English so that he can get a better job and not be so isolated in our little town, and I need to practice my Spanish, so we are going to get together more often, maybe for some BBQ at his house in the near future.

Please pray that our relationship with Gustavo and his family would continue to grow and that we could share the hope and freedom of the Gospel with them in a clear way.


A New Friend — 5 Comments

  1. love this, andy. what a great prayer, too. happy to pray this with you and danyelle. what a sweet start to a friendship.

  2. I pray that the Lord will equip you with all that you need to convey the gospel!!

  3. How great to see God using your family in even unexpected ways. I will be praying for all of you and for Gustavo and his family.