ACA Update

I want to give you all an update on my work with Academia Cristiana del Aire (ACA). Over the past week or so, I have had some breakthroughs with the ACA website that have brought us very close to opening up the first course about the life of Christ to the students who have been waiting for it for years!

jorgeI’d like to tell you about one such student, Jorge, who is a pastor of Iglesia Bautista Fundamental Berea in Nicaragua. Jorge registered for ACA’s “The Life of Christ” course back in February and has been waiting all that time for us to be ready to begin the online program. Jorge said in his online profile that he was saved 17 years ago and for 11 years has been the pastor at his church in Managua. He has been married for 11 years and has a 10-year-old son.

For me, seeing the face of one of ACA’s potential students and hearing a little about him makes me even more excited to open up the online ACA! Will you pray with us that God will connect us with Spanish-speaking volunteers to help grade the students work and interact with them? That is our major need right now. I really think it’s possible that we could launch the first course this month, and I will be working hard to see that it happens.

In our last update, we asked for prayer for Abree because she was having some medical tests done. Well, she did great through all of it and has been feeling better lately, but we still have no answers. Two doctors have mentioned wanting to remove her tonsils and adenoids because they are so swollen, but we are trying to avoid that and are going to see if other methods can help. We are thankful that the worst-case scenarios have been pretty much ruled out for now and we trust that God will give us answers soon. Thanks for your prayers!

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