God Makes a Way

Dear Family and Friends,

I write this update with excitement because of how God has been providing for Danyelle and me recently. We mentioned in our last newsletter that we had completed the InFaith internship program, had been approved as missionary candidates with InFaith, and that we were beginning deputation (support-raising) in order to become missionaries with InFaith and work with the Christian Academy of the Air. Before deputation, though, comes InFaith’s orientation process in order to prepare missionary candidates for deputation and life in ministry. Our first orientation session was to be on January 25th via an online meeting with InFaith staff and other candidates.

At the same time, the information technology (IT) consulting business that I started last July in order to supplement the support we received from those of you who have given to us through InFaith has really begun to flourish in the last two months. This presented us with a big decision to make. While I knew that I wanted to be involved with developing the Christian Academy of the Air’s online Bible school, we had to decide which route God wanted us to take for getting the funds to support us as I gave my time to the ministry.

The first option was to continue with InFaith and raise support from people like you. I would work part-time in my own business and do ministry work part-time. As God provided, we would move toward full-time ministry and phase out my business. Going this route would mean that I would have three major things pulling at me and dividing my time: my business, ministry work, and missionary tasks (e.g. newsletter writing, support raising, InFaith duties, etc.).

The second option was to simply work in my business part-time (which would bring us about the same salary as when I worked a full-time corporate job!) and do ministry work with CAA part-time without raising support at all. Many people know this as “tent-making” because the apostle, Paul, made tents for a living at times to support himself in ministry. This option would allow me to devote more time to ministry because I could skip the orientation and deputation steps along with the ongoing missionary tasks. I would also not be taking funds from other ministries and missionaries who cannot support themselves as I could.

After considering both options and seeking the counsel of several pastors, close friends, and InFaith leadership, we had an overwhelming peace about the second option. It seemed clear that God was already providing a way for us to do what He had put on our hearts and that we should continue on with my business with the goal of being “tent-makers” and working with CAA.

Now, we know that my business could dry up at any moment. It certainly isn’t guaranteed that things will continue as they are. The fact that we won’t be relying on the financial giving of others doesn’t take away our need to be totally dependent on God for our provision, and it certainly doesn’t take away our need for your prayers. Please continue to pray that God will bless the work of CAA and that my work would be fruitful for the ministry and those who are waiting to study God’s word online.

Over the next six months, we want to see several things happen. First, we want to be debt-free. We have been knocking out the debt we incurred while in language school and should have it paid off in the next several months, God-willing. Second, we want to see my consulting business bringing in around 20 hours per week on average. Third, we want for me to be dedicating the rest of the work week to the Christian Academy of the Air! Fourth, we hope to make a trip back to the Texas-Mexico border in April to see some missionary friends and spend time with them in Mexico, meet with the staff at CAA headquarters, see our good friends at Rio Grande Bible Institute, and, of course, see my parents and brother.

Our final day with InFaith will be February 28th. Any funds we have remaining in our ministry account will be given to the Christian Academy of the Air and designated to be used toward the online portion of the ministry. These funds will allow the ministry to purchase the tools it needs to do things like convert paper books to digital books, create new digital materials, and further develop the online Bible school. We are very thankful that InFaith is willing to give the funds to CAA, because they don’t have to. We are also very thankful for InFaith’s help and support over the last two and a half years and we pray that God continues to bless InFaith’s many ministries.

Since we will no longer be accepting financial gifts for support, we encourage you to redirect your giving to the Christian Academy of the Air (Academia Cristiana del Aire). To do so, you can simply go to www.academiacristiana.org and click the “Donate” link, then select “Academia Cristiana del Aire” from the list of ministries under Inspiracom, CAA’s parent ministry. Or, if you prefer to give by check, the instructions are there on the website.

We thank God for all of you who have given financially to us over the past two and a half years! It is so amazing to think that you sacrificed all that you did so that we could learn Spanish in order to be better equipped for ministry, wherever and whatever that ministry would be. Because of you, our lives have been changed forever and we pray that many other people’s lives will be changed as well!

In Christ,
Andy and Danyelle Barker


There’s a First Time for Everything

I served as a translator for the first time last week! Another
InFaith missionary couple who lives here in Mt. Morris and attends our church
runs a tutoring club as a ministry to kids in town. One of the kids is
bi-lingual and his mom only speaks Spanish, so I was asked to come to the
club’s Thanksgiving party and translate for the mom. It was so fun being
able to help her and her son’s tutor get a much better understanding of what
the son needed and how the tutor could help him in the future.