It was a happy day!

I just wanted to share about a special day we had recently.   A couple of weekends ago my family and I headed out early on a Friday morning.  Andy has Fridays and Saturdays off as his weekend.  We started with a visit to Conover Square in Oregon for some Mary’s Market baked goods and great coffee.  Our next stop was at a garage sale by my cousins, which lead to an easy 20 bucks spent on some cute stuff, including adorable little boy hat and booties that I can’t wait to use on a boy of our own some day. ; ) I’m a sucker for garage sales.  We then went to Castle Rock State Park.  We had no expectations for our time there, but it ended up being one of the highlights of the year.  Before we moved to our little, low maintenance apartment much of our time on the weekends was spent working in the yard, cleaning house, and just maintaining the unneeded space that we had acquired.  Don’t get me wrong, we loved our house and land and the hard work it took.  It was very rewarding at times.  However, we rarely had the time or took the time to actually enjoy and use for fun the beautiful place we had.  Andy would just be reminded of all the projects he still had to do.  So as we got out of the van that gorgeous, unseasonably warm, fall day, the crisp fresh air felt so new, reviving, and freeing as we were surrounded by God’s beautiful creation that we could truly….really enjoy; No strings attached.   We were so excited to get out on the trails and enjoy every minute of it and of  course the girls were sprinting to the near-by swing.  We decided to go on a short mile hike since we knew this mile hike would feel much longer going at a curious three-year-old’s pace.  Oh, it was wonderful.  We walked slowly; the girls were wide-eyed and ready to explore.  We made several stops to pick flowers, tickle each other with long stems of grass, listen to the different bird sounds, have a snack on a well-beaten path, throw leaves at each other, balance on fallen tree logs, cross fallen tree bridges, play with seed pods that rattled, collect acorns,  and look close at any other treasures we found along the way.  Andy and I hadn’t enjoyed ourselves that much in a long time and seeing things through our daughters eyes was so refreshing.   The day was such a blessing and pocket of sunshine amidst all the chaos and change recently.  I praise God for this gift.   We have frequent fun family times, but for some reason this day just felt different and will not be forgotten.  We went on to have a lovely rest of the day together filled with good fellowship around a fall campfire that night.

Thanks for letting me share this day with you all and of course, here are some pictures to give you some visuals of our day. 🙂


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