Higher Thoughts

Abree's Mole Hill

As we were walking today, Abree saw where a bunch of dirt had been spread in a yard to fill in a low spot. She pointed at it and said “There must be a big mole there!” Danyelle and I absolutely cracked up! I had to get this picture of her in front of the incredibly large mole tunnel.

I kept replaying the scene in my mind afterward and a thought hit me: “What does God think about some of my thoughts?” I thought what Abree said was very cute and hilarious, but she was totally serious. She saw the evidence and came to the only obvious conclusion. I think we humans need to realize that some of the things we hold onto as fact may be just as ridiculous to God. Let’s keep the words of God in Isaiah 55:9 in mind when trying to figure out God and the world we live in:

“For as heaven is higher than earth,
so My ways are higher than your ways,
and My thoughts than your thoughts.”

And that is my thought for the day.


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