Exciting Possibilities

Today is my second day meeting with missionaries from World Radio Network’s Academia Christiana del Aire (Christian Academy of the Air) and Missionary Aviation Fellowship’s Learning Technologies Group. Together, we hope to take the solid correspondence Bible courses from the Christian Academy of the Air and put them all online in order to make them available throughout the world at a very low cost. Currently there are over 3600 Spanish-speaking students throughout the world who are studying using the correspondence courses through standard mail. I am so thankful to be a part of this great team of people who truly are working to see God’s word change lives in as many people as possible.

Check out the Christian Academy of the Air’s Facebook Page and Missionary Aviation Fellowship’s Learning Technology website.

Thelma and Hernan Meneses have been the driving forces behind the Christian Academy of the Air for almost 25 years.


Exciting Possibilities — 1 Comment

  1. MY SON!!!! It is such a surreal blessing to have you here ministering with us! We are so proud of you and your family and praise the Lord for this special time together as you wait on the Lord during this time of transition through language school! Love you all!!!!