Partner With Us

Our final day with InFaith will be February 28th. Any funds we have remaining in our ministry account will be given to the Christian Academy of the Air and designated to be used toward the online portion of the ministry. These funds will allow the ministry to purchase the tools it needs to do things like convert paper books to digital books, create new digital materials, and further develop the online Bible school. We are very thankful that InFaith is willing to give the funds to CAA, because they don’t have to. We are also very thankful for InFaith’s help and support over the last two and a half years and we pray that God continues to bless InFaith’s many ministries.
Since we will no longer be accepting financial gifts for support, we encourage you to redirect your giving to the Christian Academy of the Air (Academia Cristiana del Aire). To do so, you can simply go to and click the “Donate” link, then select “Academia Cristiana del Aire” from the list of ministries under Inspiracom, CAA’s parent ministry. Or, if you prefer to give by check, the instructions are there on the website.
We thank God for all of you who have given financially to us over the past two and a half years! It is so amazing to think that you sacrificed all that you did so that we could learn Spanish in order to be better equipped for ministry, wherever and whatever that ministry would be. Because of you, our lives have been changed forever and we pray that many other people’s lives will be changed as well!